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Genesis 23:1  And Sarah was an hundred and seven and twenty years old:  these were the years of the life of Sarah.

“The years of the life of Sarah” tells us that they were all equally good years.  That’s hard to imagine with all the struggles and turmoil she must have gone through in her life time.

I cannot answer this any better than Likutei Sichot in his Thought on “Arrows of Life.”

In which direction does your life move?
To wherever you have placed its arrow.

If the arrow points forever backward, to blame the present on the past and script the future accordingly, then what is to make life worth its pain, the story worth its struggle?

But if the arrow points forward to an unfolding destiny, then every pain becomes the cracking of a shell, every travail the shedding of a cocoon; as an olive releasing its oil to the press, a seedling breaking its path through rock and soil to reach the sun. What is the pain relative to the promise it holds?

And so Sarah looked back after 127 years, and all her days, even the darkest, the weariest, even those when she was held a prisoner in the depths of evil of Pharaoh’s palace—all were good and filled with beauty.

Likutei Sichot, vol. 5, pg. 92.

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